Founded in 2020, EYES UP XTENSIONS LLC has been devoted to producing all natural high-quality products that work for all Ethnic backgrounds across the globe.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair growth oil! I keep my hair in braids and I’ve noticed using this oil in between washes thickens my roots to ensure a healthy, strong growth. Definitely recommend especially if your hair sheds like mine.

  • I love EUX hair growth serum; Not only is it light on my hair follicles it smells divine at the same time. I suffered from acute baldness around my edges and within 6 weeks I legit had hair peach fuzz growing! I am so thankful that I not only got my confidence back but also my edges !

  • This hair growth oil really works. I have been bald for years and my hair is finally growing back.

  • The hair growth oil works very well. I notice that my bald spot is getting smaller and my hair is growing back thicker. i will continue to use it.